Now in its 31st year, SBS’ commitment to cycling via its live coverage of the sport’s big ticket events in addition to its weekly magazine program and website Cycling Central is unparalleled and thus the network is a key program partner.

Handling the travel related logistics of Cycling Australia Tours powered by Cycling Central is the Event Travel Office (wholly owned subsidiary of General Travel Group Pty Ltd). The organisation has vast experience and a track record second to none in managing group and individual travel movements for major sporting events. The company has been the official travel operator for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and Australian Motor Cycle Grand Prix since 1997 and has managed tourism services for events such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2007 World Police & Fire Games and the 2007 FINA Swimming World Championships as well as currently operating the Cricket Australia and AFL Travel Offices.

Consumer Protection General Travel Group Pty Ltd, trading as Event Travel Office, holds a Travel Agents License (NSW2TA 001930 / VIC 32096), is a full member of both the Travel Compensation Fund (“TCF”) and Australian Federation of Travel Agents (“AFTA”).

A Promotional USB Makes For A Long Lasting Advertising Material

A Promotional USB Makes For A Long Lasting Advertising Material

Advertising materials might seem like a dime a dozen, but in reality some are better than others. Consider for example the humble promotional USB. While it is small and seemingly easy to ignore, it has a bite to it that other marketing materials simply do not.?

The promotional USB is something that one can put a little important information on to express something about their company. For example, one may put their logo and perhaps a catchy slogan on the piece. That would be enough to get someone’s attention and draw them in to read it and learn more.?

Many people like the promotional USB at http://www.promotionalusbdrive.com.au piece simply because it is something very useful to their daily life. Everyone can use a USB from time to time, so why not have them use your own company’s USB? That would be the best outcome for those who want to get out a few marketing pieces.?

For those who run companies that are on a budget, a promotional USB is the way to go. They are such small pieces that dozens or even hundreds of them can be made up at a good price. It is certainly cheaper than what one would have to pay if they were looking to create something like a tote bag or the like.?

It is time to consider promotional USB particularly if you are planning on going to a festival or convention that allows one to get their marketing pieces out. There are a lot of reasons to start making them, so act now.

Removalists Perth From Fragile

Removalists Perth From Fragile

Removalists Perth have the reputation of offering the services at an affordable and low rate and at the same time meet the high quality of standards that is required. The moves have been well and clearly planned and the pricing system for Removalists Perth is clear and concise. The payment for the service that has been offered by Removalists Perth is made only after the completion of the moving process. This is meant to ensure that you are not only guaranteed of quality for your money but that only the most competent and qualified service is provided.

The price that is charged is inclusive of all the taxes and even better is the fact that you are served by a smiling and courteous officer. This is meant to increase the overall customer experience.
The cost of Removalists Perth is exclusive of the traffic time that has been used up.

What this means is that you are even offered the chance of having your meals even in cases where the kitchen is still in the boxes. Removalists Perth has also the distinction of making the client experience as enjoyable and as memorable as possible. In addition to having some of the most professional, competent and dedicated members of staff, Removalists Perth also have the distinction of delivering the service that has been agreed on in record time.

The timeliness of the delivery of quality services by cheap Furniture Removalists Perth at http://www.fragileremovals.com.au/perth seek to underline the importance of having the best interests of the customers as the guiding and most influential feature of our trade. For as little as one hour you can book for the service and have it measured in increments of thirty minute allowances. This flexibility is not only cost effective but also takes into consideration the unique circumstances of every case in point.